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*Pondstraddler - A  person with one foot on each shore whose heart resides in both countries*






Cross Border Consequences

The Financial Complexity of the Pondstraddler* Life



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Bermuda Residents - the Real Perennial Pondstraddlers*


their Cross Border Financial Planning


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Cross Border Financial Planning for Bermuda Residents with Multi-National Families and International Connections on the North Atlantic Quadrangle (Pond): United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Caribbean, Europe, Bermuda

*Pondstraddler - A  person with one foot on each shore whose heart resides in both countries*



Pondstraddlers* are everywhere!  The accessibility today of global trade markets has generated the largest transition of people, ideas and opportunities in history.

Citizen Pondstraddlers* have embraced global mobility: crossing borders (and ponds) for employment, military service, retirement, education, relationships, business trade and investments.

During these migratory processes, new multi-national relationships in multiple jurisdictions develop while family generations and traditions are still nurtured at home. A family may appear to be purely one country domestically situated, say in Bermuda. However, the reality may be that the family generational structure has changed significantly and now has international relatives, assets, and business interests that will need complex tax, immigration, and financial planning.


Pondstraddlers* have complicated lives! that encompass multiple complex  financial, immigration, tax and personal planning issues that the rest of us cannot begin to understand.



Martha Harris Myron, Principal, Pondstraddler* Life Consultancy, was born (and raised) on the remote island of Bermuda at a time of tourist filled activity, and parochial economics, all filtered with quiet, picturesque, elegant, and sun-filled sea-sparkling charm. Who better to consult about Cross Border Life and the experiences of the multi-national families offshore, than one who lives the life every day as a perennial pondstraddler*?


Martha has written for more than seventeen years on the Bermuda economy, Bermuda financial planning for island residents as well as the challenging international tax and financial issues for international businesses and citizens living and connected on the Pond - the North Atlantic Quadrangle between the Americas, the United Kingdom and Europe.


Pondstraddler Life™ provides offshore financial perspectives on migratory family living patterns with current information and opinions on the challenges of the international financial planning, immigration, legal, regulatory, and tax consequences that apply to globally mobile citizens moving across the North Atlantic Quadrangle to and from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, and Bermuda.


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