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Mission Statement


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Mission Statement

This finance and planning web site is for you, the Bermuda resident, citizen, or internationally mobile guest worker. It features objective factual common sense information to help you and your family make fully integrated personal financial decisions while navigating through the financial ‘reefs’ and ‘whitecaps’ of life.

Our island is small, but due to the influence of sophisticated international businesses and cosmopolitan residents, our finance and planning issues are both basic and complex. Residents of a comparatively sized town in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe or Canada would almost never encounter the same level of complexity. One example is the choice of currencies that will routinely mean assessing family goals and nationality / jurisdictional interests. Should one hold Bermuda dollars, US dollars, UK pounds, Euro and in what proportions?

In the true survivalist Bermuda tradition, many individuals and families are also inveterate PondStraddlers™ (internationally mobile people) further complicating matters: multi-national families, multi-jurisdictional assets, international business entities, trusts and estates. Truly, for their personal situations, no financial decision can be made in isolation.

I’ve been a passionate advocate of financial education for many years.

This website is a mission statement and expression of gratitude and commitment from me to my Bermuda home and our people by:
• sharing knowledge,
• presenting financial concepts in everyday language,
• illuminating the opinions of financial, legal, tax and economic experts,
• motivating financial behavior,
• gathering together an integrated library of financial resources about financial services and products relevant to our lives here in this complex international environment of Bermuda, and
• featuring a Cross Border Financial Planning Blog: the Pondstraddler ™ Life for opinions and current changes in our global financial seascape for our globally mobile Bermuda residents.

I encourage you to use the information and help on this web site to take charge of your financial life. It may not be easy; it may not be immediate, but my hope is that your financial upgrade will be immensely gratifying and ultimately financially successful.


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