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It was on a rainy day in February 2000, when the Royal Gazette Editor agreed to take a chance on me - a complete unknown quantity - with an invitation to write a few financial commentary pieces for their Saturday paper. The Editor was dubious and rightly so, since it was explained to me that most of their financial contributors lost interest after a few months and quit!

That comment alluded to the perception that I'd probably do the same thing. I was determined to prove him wrong.


That same day, Moneywise was tentatively launched. Fifteen years later, readers of the Royal Gazette have continued their support and interest in my columns.


Saturday's Royal Gazette was a smaller publication back then. The circulation has grown through contributions by my esteemed colleague, Roger Crombie and others, along with my passionate attempts to promote financial education. To date, I have written more than seven hundred and fifty international and domestically focused financially related articles; the subject remains as fascinating as ever.

In 2008, the Bermuda Business and Womens’ Professional Association award “Woman of the Year” for contributing to financial matters for the people of Bermuda was presented to me. My people, our people. 

Readers of the Moneywise column, I am so grateful for your support and critical eyes. I hope that I have been able to help you, dear readers, make better financial decisions.

Martha Harris Myron


Month by month, week by week, day by day, the local financial environment teems with activity, influenced by markets, trade, regulation & taxing authorities, political events, personal stories, and individual decisions.


The Best of the Prior Years from more than 750 articles and opinions on our domestic Bermuda economy, personal finance, global finance, tax, political, and regulatory issues impacting Bermuda residents.

















2001 - In memoriam.

911 made 2001 unquestionably, the worst year of the last decade of last century. The United States was attacked onshore with the loss of thousands of lives. Many of those lost were closely affiliated and personally known in Bermuda in our international financial and insurance industries. Bermuda lost two of her own citizens, innocents abroad, ordinary people working hard by taking opportunities to bring betterment to their lives and their families.

We will remember them.


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