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Update January 01, 2014 from original post in January 2011. The party is over! When taxes are raised to generate revenue to compensate for government overspend, when government must borrow extensively again!, when the local luminaries and politicians state it in newspapers, TV, radio, and press conferences, it is definitely official; Bermuda has not escaped unscathed during this recession. Hard times are here!

Tough financial conditions for many have arrived in Bermuda. Unemployment is up, cash revenues are down. How is your family coping?  I want to hear from you. Let us know what you are doing, how you are feeling,

Financial Survival

Assess your readiness for any contingency.

Our economy may be in an economic downturn, but personally, there is never a better time to plan for your financial future. If you can learn to survive financially, you will thrive. In spite of, or because of, the volatility in global capital markets, this is an opportunity for you to reassess everything about your financial, spiritual, physical and social life. Even if you feel that you are caught between a rock and a hard place, Putting a survival plan in place is the first step......


In economic downturns, while the wealthy worldwide may feel a little diminished, they still have cash in their pockets. For all us just plain folk, the story can be quite different. Additionally, while elsewhere, very low interest rates are running in tandem with low inflation, Bermuda has always endured consistently higher inflation. This makes low rates of return (or negative) on the investment environment doubly difficult for local residents.

Whether you think you may be affected by a slowing economy, or just want to 'trim sails' at home, here are some thoughts on surviving financially. Take the survival quiz and start now to adjust your finances to not only survive, but thrive looking forward to the future. Read more

Can you work with the  Six Rules of Financial Survival?

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Redundancy in the Rearview Mirror. In any economic squeeze, employers will look to trim costs and achieve maximum efficiency in the deliver of goods and services. It should be understood that this is a predictable sequence in a business cycle as companies will plan to conserve cash outlays until increased revenue generation returns. If you think your Job is on the line, read here

Getting rid of the clutter in your life by Clearing the Deck, helps you to focus on your priorities and the things that you really value in your life.

We are looking for readers to send us their Survival Stories. These may be passed down from your granny and grandpa, and they are genuine. Old-time Bermudians knew how to survive. We can change names and composites if you wish confidentiality, but let us honor these incredible people and their skills at making something out of nothing!










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