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Bermuda Investment Primer Series



Index and Introduction


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1 - Cash, Currency, Money Market,

The elements of cash and currency plays; your pension may be your largest investment.


2 - Stocks

Chapter 2 - Part 1 The Concept of Capital & Equity : Launching a Bermudian Successful Business - : the concept of capital through the ubiquitous pizza

Chapter 2 - Part 2

Chapter 2 - Part 3

Chapter 2 - Part 4


3 - Bonds

Debt glorified, ratified, but always a promise to repay, never ownership


4 - Mutual funds


5 - Alternative class


6 - Asset allocation and portfolio management


7 - Derivatives

and other hard to understand, let alone invest in investment vehicles


8 - Options, Futures, forwards


9 - Commodities, & Blockchain currency


10 - Real estate


11 - The Investing process

Fees, commissions, licenses and full disclosure of vested interests

Choosing (and judging) your financial salesperson. Always remember, what is in it for them.


12 - Challenges

- Investing in local markets

Financial behavior, risk, fear and capital market volatility


- multi-jurisdiction tax complexity

International tax implications inherent in all investments. Yes, you have to consider these issues as well.





The really hard parts: the investing process, establishing an account, reading the investment statements, understanding information in a prospectus, filtering through generic sales pitches (internet, physical) to what is relevant for your investment needs, setting up a comfortable investment allocation



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