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Planning for a Life Without Boundaries in a World Without Borders


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The Bermuda Back-to-Basics Plan for Dramatically Improving Your Finances



I like to think about total life financial planning, which includes retirement, as divided into Six Phases, using terms from our island life.

1. Dawn of Great Expectations
2. Into the Winds of Change
3. Turbulence
4. Calm Waters
5. Twilight Swimmingly Serene
6. The Dimming of the Day

Ordinary life could also be considered as divided into a 60 years + 40 years division which is just co-incidentally, the same percentage used by investment managers in asset allocation (60% bonds and 40%stocks) for a balanced more conservative portfolio.

The First sixty years can be further broken down to the first 20 years and the subsequent 40 years.

Dawn of Great Expectations

-Living YourLife, Defining Your Identity

-The Brand Called You
-Setting Your Goals
-Focus on the Future


The DAWN of Great Expectations. Living the first 20 years. It could be said that from the very beginning of your life, you are planning for your retirement at the last phase of your life. Wide-eyed, full of wonder and hope, you came into this world living with your parents. They nurtured and raised you. During that time from infant to young adult, you depended on them, you identified with them, you may have mentally adopted their values, their habit, their lifestyles, how they handled relationships, culture, peer pressure, community reputation, morality and money. Or, in rebellion, trying to form your own identity, ideals and value system, you rejected all of their “stuff.” Still, they cared for you, then you cared for yourself, and then, in full circle, you will care for them.

Whether you rejected their life philosophy or not, nevertheless, everything that you experience, learn, feel, intuit, action, love, challenge, acquire and more prepares you to manage your life, your relationships with people, money, community, and religion.

Into the Winds of Change
-Cash Management
-Cost Cutting with The Bermuda Tightwad Gazetteers
-Education and Career Earnings
-Financial Enlightenment - The Bermuda Investment Primer
-but First Your Own Home

INTO THE WINDS OF CHANGE. The Second Forty Years. As you wind up your adolescent years (the first Twenty), you will advance head first through the winds of change to your new real world environment. You are on your own, solely responsible for your actions. Severing the proverbial umbilical cord, you develop you own identity. You move forward - into the workplace, into/out of relationships, education, experiences, acquiring expertise, reaching out for the brass ring of independent financial success. This is where you will be for the next forty years. You want to like your life, have a role in industry, be recognized as a valuable player.

Whether you will exist, survive, or thrive is not yet determined, but we all, in some measure or another, will proceed through this very long second stage of our lives. We have so much to be, so much to experience, so much to just love about learning to live in our independent world.

-Financial Survival and Redundancy Recovery
-Relationships & Money
-Debt, More Debt: Wants Versus Needs
-International Taxation - Border Crossing Complications
-The Risk in Living

TURBULENCE. In navigating life along those forty years way, statistically, there will be problems, obstacles, setbacks, defeats (hopefully not disastrous), hurdles, both large and small: relationships, accumulating assets, managing risks, making investing decisions, taking on debt, possibly raising a family, focused on keeping a career from derailment. Life is unpredictable, after all. Be assured though that time is still on your side. You can start over; you can pull forward after setbacks.


You are still young. Remember even at sixty, you are considered the new 40!

Calm Waters. Rippling into Retirement
-Career Apex, Career Abyss
-Retirement Rules - and Progress Steps
-Little Losses, but a Large Finite Future Still Awaits
-Pensions, Benefits, and Income Security


CALM WATERS. Rippling into Retirement. For sixty years you have worked toward this event. You are now at the apex with a very possible 30, 35, 40 years left to experience a meaningful life. Will it be the same as your working years?


Will it be spectacularly different?

Will you be ready?

Retirement can be a time of great opportunity to reach great intellect, give back to society, revitalize your life satisfaction index, improve old relationships and build wonderful new ones.

Retirement can also mean loss of self, loss of identity, sheer loss of a paycheck, and for some - an emptiness that is hard to comprehend. Preparing for retirement means understanding that you may feel depressed, you may feel invisible, you may mourn your other life - now gone forever. And you certainly will miss that regular paycheck.

How you mentally** prepare for that 40% of opportunity years remaining in your life - is even more important that ensuring you will have relative financial security.


Swimmingly Serene Twilight

-Reinvention, and Refinement of a Lifestyle

-Finding Your New Identity

-Time for Play, Time for a Purpose Filled Second Life


Knowing that you can be financially solvent in retirement means you can experience that inner peace within yourself, your spiritual and physical being, community and family, you can truly enjoy giving yourself permission to do whatever you want, whenever you want, pushing the boundaries of self-fulfillment after a lifetime of work.

Dimming of the Day
-Legacy Latitude
-Estate Certaintude -
-Bermuda Trust Structures: Settlements, Distributions and Dispositions
-Amen to the End




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